Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Miss Silver series by Patricia Wentworth

Miss Silver is a fictional detective featured in 32 novels by British novelist Patricia Wentworth.

Miss Maud Silver is a retired governess-turned-private detective. Like Miss Marple, Miss Silver's age and demeanor make her appear harmless. Some admire the character, believing that "while Miss Marple may receive ten times the attention as Miss Silver, ... the woefully neglected Miss Silver is the real deal - a professional investigator and stand-up woman, a true forerunner of all future female private eyes. " Others disagree, claiming that the character "has none of the credibility of ... Miss Marple .... Her spinsterish appearance is inconsistent with her sensational behavior and also with the far-fetched plots of the novels she features in.

We offer you the 15 top books Miss Silver series:

Miss Silver 06 – Miss Silver Deals With Death Aka Miss Silver Intervenes
Miss Silver 07 – The Clock Strikes Twelve
Miss Silver 09 – She Came Back Aka The Traveller Returns
Miss Silver 10 – Dark Threat aka Pilgrim’s Rest
Miss Silver 12 – Spotlight Aka Wicked Uncle
Miss Silver 14 – Eternity Ring
Miss Silver 18 – The Ivory Dagger
Miss Silver 20 – Anna, Where Are You Aka Death at Miss Silver
Miss Silver 24 – The Silent Pool
Miss Silver 25 – The Vanishing Point
Miss Silver 26 – The Benevent Treasure
Miss Silver 27 – The Gazebo Aka The Summerhouse
Miss Silver 28 – The Listening Eye
Miss Silver 29 – Poison in the Pen
Miss Silver 32 – The Girl in the Cellar

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