Sunday, July 9, 2017

Under the Deodars by Rudyard Kipling

A collection of short stories by Rudyard Kipling.
Contents: The education of Otis Yeere -- At the pit s mouth -- A wayside comedy -- The hill of illusion -- A second-rate woman -- Only a subalter -- In the matter of a private.

The Education of Otis Yeere
Mrs. Hauksbee decides to start a salon in Simla, but Mrs. Mallowe talks her out of it. She then explains to Mrs. Hauksbee that she's experiencing a mid-life crisis and that she came out of her own by becoming an Influence in the life of a young man.

At the Pit's Mouth
The wife of a man who is serving in the plains of India, leaving her alone in Simla, enters into an extra-marital affair with a 'Tertium quid'. They often rendezvous at the cemetery.

A Wayside Comedy
Major and Mrs. Vansuythen come to live at the station of Kashima. After a time, Mrs. Boulte comes to suspect that her husband has fallen for Mrs. Vansuythen.

The Hill of Illusion
A man just come back from the plains of India to see his fiancee, but becomes jealous when he learns that she has been keeping appointments with other men while he has been away.

A Second-rate Woman
Mrs. Hauksbee gossips with Mrs. Mallowe and is highly critical of Mrs. Delville, whom she calls 'The Dowd' (on account of her out-of-style dress), and a man whom she calls 'The Dancing Master' (because he dances so poorly), who seems to be courting her.

Only a Subaltern
Bobby Wick is made a subaltern and he joins a regiment called the Tyneside Tail Twisters. One of the soldiers, Dormer, has a temper and is constantly getting into trouble. Bobby takes him fishing and makes friends with him, eventually inspiring him to improve his behaviour and become a better soldier.

In the Matter of a Private
A soldier in barracks snaps under repeated teasing and takes his rifle to his tormentor.

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