Thursday, July 13, 2017

Vengeance of Gwa by S. Fowler Wright

King Bwene of the Baradi faces a stark dilemma. A plague is devastating his people, and the only possibility of salvation is relocating his kingdom from the lowlands to a place where the disease doesn't flourish. But when he attacks the ape-men of the plateau, suddenly the hordes of semi-humans come boiling down from the heights, overrunning his land with their superior strength and numbers. He sends emissaries to the Ho-Tus, another race of humans on the other side of the plateau, to seek their help, but they kill anyone unrelated to them. As the days grow ever darker and the prospects of his people's survival diminish, Bwene must deal with a murderous Queen, treachery within his own ranks -- and a beautiful refugee from the Ho-Tus!

Another classic fantasy by a master of the genre.
Second novel in the Marguerite Cranleigh Series.

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  1. Vengeance of Gwa (1934) was written as a sequel to Dream but was shorn of its linking frame-narrative before appearing from a different publisher under the pseudonym Anthony Wingrave. Although the setting is prehistoric its heroine is a refugee from a great city inhabited by a highly civilised people - a juxtaposition which emphasises the fact that Fowler Wright thought of the distant past and the distant future in much the same terms. This became even clearer when the third volume of the 'trilogy', Spiders' War, appeared in 1954, set in a nightmarish future where primitivism has reclaimed human society.