Monday, February 5, 2018

Gulf Coast Girl by Charles Williams

Gulf Coast Girl - A sea tale about a search for treasure.

Gulf Coast Girl - a tale of a couple on the run from mobsters and filled with car chases and brawls and bodies strewn about. It's also a deep sea tale about a search for buried treasure on a sunken plane and the desperate search to find it. It's a tale of trust and betrayal. And it may just be the best book you read all year.

An American tanker, finds a small, abandoned boat drifting in the Gulf of Mexico. On the boat, a coffee pot is still warm. Clearly, the boat has not been abandoned for long. But what has happened to its occupants? The answer lies in a log book in which our protagonist, Bill Manning, has written his story.

Action, Adventure, and love – who could ask for anything more?

Gulf Coast Girl, first Published in 1955, is yet another testament to the excellence of Charles Williams' writing. This book, like other Charles Williams novels, is so damn good, it's in a class by itself.

The story begins with the finding of an abandoned boat in the Gulf, well provisioned, the dinghy aboard her, the coffee pot still warm, and a satchel filled with $80,000 on the deck. There's a log and a strand of ash-blonde hair and the tale the log tells is something else entirely.

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