Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Nothing In Her Way by Charles Williams

Nothing In Her Way - good crime noir story.

Nothing In Her Way - a story by one of the past masters of the genre.When Michael Belen runs into the cherubic con man named Wolford Charles in New Orleans, he has no idea he had just opened the door to his ex-wife Cathy. She and Charles and Judd Bolton are working a con on a man named Goodwin, who had been a partner with a contractor named Lachlan down in South America. Lachlan had worked a swindle which had wiped out Cathy and Michael’s parents, and now as far as Cathy is concerned, it’s payback time.

From Goodwin to Lachlan, Belen commits himself to Cathy and her scheme. When a drug-addled gangster named Donnelly starts threatening her, Belen takes care of him. When Charles and Bolton try to work a double-cross, Cathy matches them with a cross of her own. They are the perfect team. Until they go up against Lachlan—and then all bets are off.

Who is the master of who-done-it? You know? The inexplicable corpse. The nasty abrupt tragedy of terror. The seemingly random sequence of events that don't make sense and stink of evil. Or wicked creepy, question mark people who target other people and enjoy being mean. Who is this one who can go beyond kingdom come and have fun figuring it out? Why it's The Saint in 1940 Miami, a black sheep who does good and becomes an American hero.

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