Monday, February 5, 2018

River Girl by Charles Williams

River Girl - one terrific, top-notch piece of fiction.

River Girl - The story of a man and a woman who met and knew instantly that not all the world would tear them apart. This story first published in 1951 as "The Catfish Triangle." A book that shares some similarities with Cain's The Postman Always Rings Twice. Down in swamp country a deputy sheriff meets and falls in love with a young lass. Her husband stands in the way, probably more for a time.

Deputy Jack Marshall's life a mess. His boss, the Sheriff totally corrupt. His wife spending money like there's no tomorrow, and all he wants to do get up to the lake for some fishing. On his trip he spots a young gorgeous woman swimming, and they meet. She's married to a bad guy, and who on the run from something. Their attraction, as it does in these kinds of books, spins the world out of control for Jack.

It a southern noir piece taking place in and around a small Southern town and a swamp around the town. The narrator, Jack, a corrupt Southern Deputy Sheriff. He stuck in an unhappy marriage with a woman who barely makes an appearance in the book. Who only seems to want money and, at that, more money. Louise was very pretty, a taffy blonde with wide, green eyes and a stubborn round chin. Their lives were constant fights and endless bickering over money.

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