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Seibert of the Island by Gordon Young

Seibert of the Island - South Seas Adventure Novel.

Seibert of the Island - A tale of adventure on a tropical South Sea island. Written by Gordon Young, a journalist in Chicago and San Francisco. Literary editor of the Los Angeles times, and author of over forty novels. A story with a pirate, two half native girls, a gentleman vagabond and a German planter. The German marries one of the girls, loved by neither, both girls loved the vagabond.

South Seas novel, set on the island of Pulotu, and featuring Adolph Seibert, a German plantation owner.

Young dedicated the book to the memory of the painter Middleton Manigault, who born in London, and started his career there.

Gordon Young (1886–1948), an American writer of adventure and western stories. He born in Ray County, Missouri. Gordon worked as a cowboy and served in the United States Marine Corps in the Philippines. He moved to Los Angeles and taking a job at the Los Angeles Times in 1914. Eventually Young became Literary Editor of the newspaper.

Gordon Young began writing fiction for the magazine Adventure in 1917. His first stories for Adventure were a series of crime thrillers about a gun-wielding gambler, Don Everhard. Soon he became one of the most popular of Arthur Sullivant Hoffman's roster of authors for Adventure. He followed the Everhard stories with a series of South Seas tales about Hurricane Williams, an adventurer.

Several of Gordon Young's stories were adapted for the cinema, including the 1936 film Captain Calamity.

He died of a heart attack in Los Angeles, February 10, 1948.

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