Saturday, May 19, 2018

With Juliet In England by Grace S. Richmond

With Juliet In England - Charming Early Romance Novel.

With Juliet In England tells of Juliet Marcy Robeson visits England and Chaperon to Diantha Brown a vivacious young lady from the States!

A charming story in which Juliet Marcy Robeson, one of Mrs. Richmond’s most lovable diameters, reappears. Juliet, visiting England for a while, chaperon to Diantha Browne, a vivacious young lady from the Western States. The love adventures in England of Diantha and her friend Agnes Gilbert art? amusingly interwoven with the account of their visits to Torquay.

A wonderful Snapshot of life in the 1930's from a time when Romance Novels for Women were new and daring!

Grace S. Richmond a well known romance novelist in the 1930's, her books included, 'The Indifference of Juliet', 'Midsummers Day', 'Cherry Square', 'Bachelors Bounty' and many more.

Grace Louise Smith Richmond (1866–1959), American romance novelist created the Dr. R.P. Burns series.

Her first short stories were published in various women's magazines including the Women's Home Companion, Ladies' Home Journal, and Everybody's Magazine as early as 1898. Richmond wrote 27 novels between 1905 and 1936. Red Pepper Burns was published in 1910. Like most of her strong-willed yet compassionate characters, R.P. Burns is a kind, old-souled country doctor who makes house calls. His fiery red hair and temper to match earned him his nickname Red Pepper, though he is still a charming and endearing gentleman. Mrs. Red Pepper (1913), Red Pepper's Patients (1917), and Red of the Redfields (1924) followed.

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