Saturday, January 20, 2018

Fury by Henry Kuttner

Fury - A classic science ficiton novels.

Fury - A truly under-rated work that deserves a lot more recoginition than it gets. Clearly, Henry Kuttner's best work (with some uncredited help from his wife, C.L. Moore. Classic Science Fiction at its best and a ton of fun.

The Earth long dead and the human survivors live in huge citadels beneath the Venusian seas, ruled by the Immortals, genetic mutations with a lifespan of 1000 years. Sam Reed was born an immortal, but his deranged father had him mutilated as a baby. He determined to overthrow the immortals and lead the people of Earth off of the floor of the oceans of Venus.

The premise that mankind, having settled down into a luxurious Eden of the future. With no challenges left, would slowly strangle in its own inertia if, out of somewhere, a deliverer did not come with a flaming sword to drive them back to life.
In this case, life the almost intolerable condition on the continents of Venus. The full of the fury of mindless animal and vegetable and insect life gone wild with growth and death. Even the soil and the air are alive with fierce bacterial forms in constant struggle for survival with every other life-form on the planet.
How Sam fulfills this challenge, by the most complex methods, for the worst of motives, is the story of FURY.

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