Friday, January 19, 2018

Unto the Third Generation by M. P. Shiel

Unto the Third Generation - the history of Edward Denman, heir to a treasure.

Unto the Third Generation compounded of distinct elements of mystery. Adventure, and romance narrative. The history of the efforts of the ubiquitous Hagen clan to seize Denman's hidden treasure.

Barnes, a railroad engineer, a martyr to the romance. He suffers meekly thru the fabulous antics of his social superiors. The Denman treasure walled in a vault with literally countless doors of impregnable construction. It proves impossible to locate the treasure by breaking open the doors. Hagens concentrate on finding the hidden code showing the number of the vault which holds the jewels. Their machinations involve marriages of convenience, mayhem, and train - wrecks. The maimings, and schemings against obstacles galore.

‘ Never. I fancy the question has been on the tip of his tongue several times, but he has never asked it. Pride, I s’pose.’
‘ He may guess though that you know. Suppose he has you followed when you come to see me ?’
‘Have no fear of that, Lucy. You know already my views about your leaving your husband, however good your reasons may have been, but inasmuch as you have bound me over to secrecy, no one is ever going to find you out through me : I’m too old a hand for that, by a long way.

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