Friday, January 26, 2018

The Master of Man by Hall Caine

The Master of Man: The Story of a Sin.

The Master of Man - a best-selling 1921 novel by Hall Caine.

The fictional story set on the Isle of Man and is concerned with Victor Stowell, the Deemster's son. He commits a romantic indiscretion and then gives up on all of his principles in order to keep it a secret. However, in the face of the mounting consequences, Victor confesses publicly to his crime and punished. But redemption comes through a woman’s love.
The penultimate of Caine's novels, it is romantic and moralistic, returning to his regular themes of sin, justice. And atonement, whilst also addressing "the woman question." It adapted for a film entitled Name the Man in 1924 by Victor Sjöström.

The central idea for the plot of The Master of Man. She came from a correspondence which Hall Caine had in September 1908. Following a performance of the theatrical version of his earlier novel, The Christian, Caine identified as a likely signatory in a petition against the harsh punishment of a woman named Daisy Lord. After giving birth to a child out of wedlock the young woman had killed the child secretly. But discovered and arrested. At the trial she explained that "I thought I would put an end to it so that it should not have the trouble I have had." Caine signed the petition but he kept the accompanying letter as a record of its story.

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