Saturday, January 20, 2018

The White Prophet by Hall Caine

The White Prophet - A story of Egypt and the Soudan, with its principal scenes in Cairo and Khartoum.

The White Prophet published in 1909. It anticipated by many years some racial, political and religious problems which are now agitating those countries. The glamour and mystery of the East are the background of turmoil, in strong contrast to the stark simplicity of the scenes of Hall Caine’s Manx and Icelandic stories.

A later novel by the author who lived on the Isle of Man, and served as Dante Gabriel Rossetti's secretary. Many of Caine's works were adapted to film, including The Christian, The Manxman, and The Eternal City. He also wrote the script for a propaganda film commissioned by Prime Minister David Lloyd George.

Many erroneous statements made in the press during the serial publication of this story. This statements bind its characters and incidents with distinguished living persons and recent public events. So make it necessary to say that "The White Prophet " intended to be read as a work of fiction only.

Then his father died, without leaving a will, as the cable of the solicitors informed him. And he returned to England to administer the estate. Here a thunderbolt fell on him, for he found a younger brother. With whom he had nothing in common and had never lived at peace, preparing to dispute his right to his father's title and fortune. On the assumption that he was illegitimate—that is to say, was born before the date of the marriage of his parents.

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